20 W. Algonquin Road - Algonquin, IL

Date & Time: Saturday 07/10/10 - 4:45  pm
Price:  $7. 25
Bartender: Beth?
Atmosphere: Nautical

After giving my taste buds a little rest from the tomato concoctions the past couple days, I woke up to another beautiful Chicagoland summer day anxious to make up for lost time.  

Knowing my sister & cousin were going to be in the area for a baby shower,
I made plans to meet them in the Algonquin area to continue my search for a good Bloody Mary. I was not disappointed....

We started our quest at a restaurant I have visited multiple times over the years, and knowing that their Alaskin King crab legs dinner was top notch, I had high hopes that their Bloody Mary would be the same.  

Since a rain cloud decided to time it's arrival to the area the exact time I pulled into the parking lot, the plan to sit next to the Fox River under the umbrella covered tables to imbibe was thrown out the window.  Not going to let that stand in our way of getting our drink on, we ventured inside the nautical themed restaurant & headed to back bar that gave us magnificent views of the river safe from the rain.

After ordering a round of Bloody Marys from the bartender wearing a white sailor outfit, we sat back and caught up while watching her go to work on our cocktails.  Immediately the anticipation rose tenfold when we saw a huge stick filled of a array of garnishments was placed into each one.  Being the only meal I had at the time was breakfast, my stomach growled with appreciation....

Arriving at the table, I immediately took stock at all the garnishment goodness:  One large peel & eat shrimp, a white cheese cube (which was top notch), 2 pepperoni slices, 1 olive, 1 pickle medallion, a mushroom, lime wedge, and rimed with celery salt.  Needless to say that this took first place so far in my quest.

After giving the drink a stir, I took a large swig.  Not having much taste, I gave it another, and then another, but in all honesty the drink itself was quite dull.  It had a weird aftertaste, and we all agreed that we were thankful for the garnishment distraction - as the drink itself left much to be desired.
After getting the bill, and seeing the $7.25 price, we all decided that it would be best if we ventured onward.  

While I would have loved to stay & eat from what I know is a fantastic menu, since the goal was to find a good cocktail, we couldn't let the bells & whistles the garnishment provided trick us into ordering another.  Taking a quick tour of the premises, we all agreed that the atmosphere was excellent, and if wanting to impress a date, could think of no finer place as far as uniqueness.
All in all, as far as the Bloody Mary, I would recommend it for the party in a glass it provided, but if cocktail taste is what your looking for, skip the bloody mary & just order a stiff drink & food instead.  As I found out later, you can definitely find a a superb Bloody Mary just down the road...

Garnish: TOP NOTCH
Satisfaction: NOT SO MUCH
Rating: 3.5 OLIVES (out of 5 - with extra 1. 5 for garnish & atmosphere)

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