297 S. McLean Bl. - Elgin, IL

Date & Time: Friday 07/23/10 - 1: 00 pm
Atmosphere: Empty Beer Garden
Bartender: Diane

After four days of recovering from the Minnesota weekend in which we made an unplanned stop for lunch in Wisconsin Dells on the way home, an ended up partying till sun-up, I finally was well enough to venture out of the house just in time for the weekend.  Making plans to meet the ex-wife for lunch & a cocktail, we met at JB's Grill & Bar in Elgin as it was a beautiful day, and I knew there was a beer garden to enjoy.

Sadly, the beer garden was the only thing I really enjoyed, so I'm going to keep this one short, as I wasn't too impressed...
After ordering a bloody mary from the very friendly bartender Diane, I have to say that my hopes for getting a good one was dashed when she asked me if I wanted a pickle or celery stalk to go with it. Meaning, if I were to say no, there would be no garnish whatsoever to go with the poured mix & a couple dashes of pepper.  That is unacceptable in my book.  I told her a pickle would do as I at least needed something of taste to stir it, and went off to the back beer garden to look over the lunch menu.

After taking a hearty swig of what basically was what I like to call "Tabasco water" - I thought to myself at least there was some good music playing.  The bloody mary had kick, but as far as taste, there wasn't much to it.  There is definite room for improvement.  The food itself was OK, and I'll have to say that I did appreciate the "buy one lunch get one lunch free" business card I got when I was leaving, but that said, if I do go back, I won't be getting a bloody mary.


 Look: WEAK
Garnish: REALLY?
Satisfaction: NONE
              Rating: 1. 5 OLIVES (out of 5)

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  1. I apologize for the service and very ugly drink you recieved... come back any time for a true bloody mary from our very own Cathi! Plus now the menu has changed and you will find your stay most enjoyable!