231 Douglas Street - Elgin, IL
Date & Time: Sunday 07/11/10 - 6:45 pm
Price:  $5. 00
Atmosphere: Sports Bar 

After yesterdays fantastic bloody mary, I tried to go into this establishment with an open mind.  I had been here a couple times in the past couple months ever since I heard about everything being half-off on Sundays.  While I had yet to try their bloody mary, I knew that even if it wasn't up to yesterday's standards, that I would at least enjoy the tasty wings I've had previously - and that it wouldn't cost too much too boot.

It was rainy, so drinking out back on the patio was out, but being I was still content to hopefully catching some sports highlights from the earlier WhiteSox game where they blasted 5 home runs to take a hold of first place. 

After ordering a bloody mary from the waitress at the bar, I found myself annoyed that the sports highlights were being drowned out my someone who decided to play a Marilyn Manson song that blared out of the speakers.  I took a hearty swig of my drink, and my annoyance continued...

After seeing her pour in a pre-made mix, my hopes weren't the highest, and after only getting 2 small olives & a lime wedge - I knew I'd have to order wings as well to help with the hunger.  In a nutshell, it wasn't too flavorful, and no kick whatsoever.  The only savor my tongue got as far as taste was from the celery salt around the rim.

After getting to the bottom, I did notice that there was a bit of a BBQ sauce taste in the thickness of the mix.  While I did stir the drink before tasting, I think things may have turned out better if the drink was shaken in a cocktail mixer before it arrived. I do have to say though that the BBQ Chipolte wings didn't disappoint.

Besides the sub-standard drink, another thing that DID disappoint was when I got the bill.  Seeing that everything was full price, I asked the bartender what happen to everything being half off.  She informed me that the promotion was only for two months, and that it had expired. (Even though a female patron told me it was still promoted in the ladies bathroom)  This did little to help the overall experience.

So while it looks to be a great place to catch a game on numerous flat screens, (as long as they cut the jukebox off) and the wings definitely get a thumbs up, as far as the bloody mary goes, I can't say that I would order one again.


 Look: DRAB
Garnish: WEAK
Satisfaction: NOT MUCH
              Rating: 2 OLIVES (out of 5)

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