125 Washington Street - W. Dundee, IL 
Date & Time: Monday 07/05/10 - 5:30 pm
Price:  $5. 75
Bartender: Lavon
Atmosphere: Comfortable 

After being extremely hung over yesterday from Saturday's festivities that went well past sunrise, my quest for drinking one bloody mary every day failed before my first week into it.  Having to re-think things, (and realizing there may many other days of not being fit to get off the couch) I slightly changed my mission to incorporate days like these, and give myself a little leeway by drinking multiple on some days to make up for it.

Sticking to the Dundee area, I enlisted my sister to go with me to give a second opinion, and started by going to an establishment that has been operating since the year I was born - The Village Squire.  Famous for Mai Tais & Rum Barrels - trying one of their bloody marys had me wishing I would have made my quest to drink either of those. 

Coming with a stalk a celery, as well as celery salt around the rim for the first time of this journey, my first thought was that it had potential - unfortunately this was far from the case....

After using the large pickle & celery stalk to stir the concoction, I took a well needed swig.  To say that it was weak & watery would be an understatement.  To quote my sister:  "I don't know what it is, but it isn't good.  It literally tastes like watered down shit!"  While I wouldn't go so far to say it was as bad as excrement, it definitely tasted just like watered down tomato water.  Besides the celery salt around the rim, the use of spice was little to none.  

I tried by best to liven things up by squeezing a lime & pickle juice into it, but that did little to help things.  Taking a bite of the pickle answered my question to why, as it tasted watered down as well - almost like it was a cucumber rather then a pickle.  It had barely any taste at all.

Not wanting to throw the place too far under the bus, as I've ate there many times, and have no complaints whatsoever about the food. (and their Mai Tai is definitely something I speak highly of) I don't know if this was just quickly thrown together without much thought, (as the bar was quite busy at the time) but if your looking for a bloody mary, you can do MUCH better - as this one was just bad.  The only thing I have positive to say for my experience today was that the weather was beautiful, the waitress was cute, and the back patio we sat it was very relaxing.


Satisfaction: NONE
              Rating: 0. 5 OLIVES (out of 5 - extra half for setting)

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