480 Snelling Ave South - ST. Paul, MN
Date & Time: Saturday 07/17/10 - 4:45 pm
Atmosphere: Bar, Grill & Beer garden
Bartender: Alex
Price: No idea

I know this place technically isn't  in the Chicagoland area, but being I was up north to catch the Whitesox/Twins series (which being they lost 3 of 4 I should have saved the money on tickets & just watched them at a bar), I thought I'd see what Minnesota brought to the table as far as a bloody mary.  

After getting "iced" (Iced is a game where one is ridiculed & made to get down on one knee & chug a Smirnoff Ice if presented with one unexpectedly)  by the bartender Alex by means of a discreet phone call from one of my buddies before we arrived, I asked if he made a good bloody mary....

Alex informed me that they have a small bloody mary bar off in the corner, but since that sort of defeats the purpose of judging these things, I asked if he could do the creation for me.  After a few minutes he placed down the beverage, and to my delight, I saw that it came with a beer back chaser! 

A beer back chaser is one of the beautiful things about a bloody mary that unfortunately Illinois can't provide. (some kind of law against it)  I have found that if you order a bloody mary virtually at any Wisconsin bar (and I'm guessing Minn. as well), you will always get a beer of some sort to go with it.  I've gotten beer back in small glasses, 6 oz cans, and even full sized bottles.  It goes especially well if you order a spicy bloody mary, as you can break the taste-buds up intermittently, without ponying up for another drink to go with it. 

After the excitement of finally getting a beer back for the first time of my quest, I then moved on to checking out the bloody mary itself - and the garnishment did not disappoint.  It came with a lime wedge, 2 olives,  2 cubes of some sort of white cheese, one cube of chedder cheese, 2 small beef sticks (which were quite good) and rimmed with celery salt.  Definitely a nice array of garnishment goodness.

After taking a few hearty swigs, the bloody mary itself tasted pretty good.  Taking everything into consideration, - I would not hesitate to order another one next time I'm up for a weekend bender.  


Garnish: TOP NOTCH
Satisfaction: SOLID
              Rating: 3. 5 OLIVES (out of 5)


  1. Thanks for the review. Next time you and the boys stop up in Minny I will take you on a bloody tour. Alex