300 W. Main St. - St. Charles, IL
Date & Time: Thursday 07/08/10 -12:30 pm
Price:  $5. 50
Bartender: Mandy
Atmosphere: Nice
Another beautiful summer day in Chicagoland area had me in search for an outdoor patio to find & hopefully enjoy that elusive perfect bloody mary.  Having the Filling Station still on my mind from last week, I asked my future ex-wife if she wanted to meet me there for lunch.  As I drove to the destination via scenic route 31, I hoped to myself that it wouldn't be as packed as last time I drove by. 

Finding the place busy, but not too crowded, we walked through the dimly lit building to the large outside patio that's located right on Main St.  After picking an umbrella covered table off to the side, we were immediately greeted by a cute young waitress wearing cutoff jean shorts, and small stud earring in her nose.  I ordered the obligatory bloody mary, and started looking over the many menu options offered as she went off to put in our drink order.

After deciding on getting some Cajun wings, and a chicken salad, we sat back and listened to some of the classic rock playing on the radio.  The likes of ACDC & Led Zeppelin was intermixed with the loud traffic flying by next to us, as my lips licked in anticipation for some bloody mary goodness.  Unfortunately for me, this anticipation was meet with yet another let down....

After my drink was placed down on the table, the celery salted rim did give me hope, but seeing just the two celery sticks & olives for garnish had me hoping the wings would hurry up & arrive quickly, as it was already past noon, and this was to be my first meal of the day.  

After stirring up the cocktail, I took a large swig from the glass, and immediately knew I was going to leave disappointed.  While not terrible, there was not much taste, and the only kick that it provided was from the celery salted rim.  While I can't be sure, I imagine this was made with a standard mix, and with the large amount of ice that filled glass, I ended up drinking what was basically glorified tomato water

To go along with the disappointing drink, our food took a good 25-30 minutes to arrive, which didn't make things any better being the wife had to get back to work.  I will say that the breaded wings were tasty, but that may of had something to do with my growing hunger.  The chicken in my wife's salad left much to be desired.  

To wrap things up.  While I would go back if the weather was good, I would skip the bloody mary & just order a beer.  It had good music & an attractive waitstaff, and anytime you combine that with a sunny day and alcohol, you could do a lot worse!

Look:  OK 
Garnish: LACKING
Satisfaction: NOT REALLY
Rating: 2 OLIVES (out of 5 - with extra half for atmosphere)

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