I had an unexpected out-of-state move, so unfortunately I had to put an unplanned hiatus to my search for Chicagoland's best Bloody Mary. Don't worry though! I will be back soon, and when I do, I will definitely continue my search & let you know about it here.  :)

Feel free to continue to enjoy the many reviews that I've done so far...there are some good Bloody Marys to be drink'n!

Also, if your curious to what I'm doing in the the meantime, please visit my new website:

I'm continuing my search for adventure by going behind-the-scenes at various Wisconsin Dells bars, restaurants & attractions - please help me spread the word!

Also, since I have your ear - I recently published a book about the hijinx & debauchery of my days working at Santa's Village - it's guaranteed to make you laugh & smile - and maybe even shed a tear or two. Please check it out - I'd love to hear what you think!