702 Water Street E. Dundee, IL
Rosie O'Hares Metromix
Date & Time: Monday 07/05/10 - 6:15 pm
Price:  $5. 00
Bartender: Brian
Atmosphere: Cozy
After leaving disappointed from my experiences with today's first establishment, my sister & I drove across the river to visit one of my old stomping grounds from back when it was called The Catfish Club. (which they still reference on the glass etched in the front door.)  Asking the bartender if he can make a good bloody mary, he replied that he could, and asked us if we wanted it spicy.  Neither of us being one that shy's from the spice, we told him sure, and watched him go to work on his creation.

Our attention was immediately raised (in a good way) when after putting a couple drops of both red & green tabasco sauce, he went to the tap & poured a little Guinness beer into each glass.  I pretty much knew right then & there that this was going to taste better then the one we had at the earlier establishment....

After adding some other standard ingredients to some Mr T's Bloody Mary mix & Smirnoff vodka, he gave each glass a good shake with a plastic cup on top of the glass, threw in a lime wedge & a couple olives, and we were off to the front patio to enjoy the rest of the day's sun.

At first taste my prediction of this one being better then the first was immediately realized.  It wasn't watered down at all, and besides the lack of substantial garnishments, the only complaint would have to be that it wasn't really too spicy.  My sister even commented that she wondered what it would have tasted like if she said no to the spice.  

The cocktail seemed to get better with each taste which I appreciated, and while we both commented that we've had better, for the five bucks it cost compared to the $5.75 we paid earlier, this one definitely won today's battle.  The only thing I think it could of used to put things over the top would be to give it some more kick, and add horseradish. (which after all my years of drinking these things, I've found that horseradish is the key ingredient that "makes" the perfect bloody mary)

To wrap this up I would say that I would have no problem ordering another one of these from Rosie O'Hares.  The potential is there to turn this good bloody mary great - I may just ask Brian next time to kick things up a notch, and see if there is any horseradish laying around - it could easily raise my rating up a couple olives.


 Look: SOLID
Garnish: SKIMPY
Satisfaction: YES
              Rating: 3 OLIVES (out of 5)

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