6 E. Main St. - E. Dundee, IL
River Lee's Metromix  
Date & Time: Friday 08/13/10 - 9:15 pm
Atmosphere: Festive Dive Bar
Price: Either $5 or $6 (didn't ask for breakdown of multiple drinks)
Walking across the bridge over the Fox River, the group decided to make a quick pit-stop at River Lee's on our way to meeting up with two other friends at Banditos.  Having never been inside the place even though I've lived in the nearby area for over three decades, I was anxious to see what this long time Dundee dive bar would bring.

After opening the imposing dark door I was pleasantly surprised how festive & inviting the place was.  Decorated to the hilt with pictures of patrons on the walls & a bunch of Christmas lights - the place gave off good vibes, and I immediately asked myself why I waited so many years to actually venture in....

Seeing a female bartender that looked to be far from her first tour working behind the bar, I figured she could easily make a good bloody mary, but I asked her anyway.  Offering up a yes, I picked out a stool at a wooden table across the bar, and watched her go to work.

She squeezes in some juice from a lime wedge, and sprinkled in some salt, pepper, Worcestershire & Tabasco sauce.  After pouring in a can of tomato juice, she shook up everything in a shaker, and topped it off with 2 olives & some celery salt directly in the cocktail. The lack of  more then just olive garish was noted. 

At first drink I realized that this was going to be nothing to write home about.  This was due to the very strong tomato juice taste.  I have to give a disclaimer:  I absolutely HATE pure tomato juice - it makes my skin crawl.  Don't ask me how someone that hates tomato juice can love bloody marys, but I do.  Because of this hatred, when pure tomato juice is used instead of a mix, it is an absolute necessity that horseradish is used to cut the tomato taste - and unfortunately with this bloody mary this wasn't the case.

That said, this cocktail has all the makings of potentially being great - so hopefully someone gives them a heads-up that horseradish should be used sooner then later, and that they should add some garnish goodness to the mix.  I would love to be able to come back to this place to give their bloody mary a second chance...


Garnish: LACKING
              Rating: 2.5 OLIVES (out of 5)

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