2267 Randall Rd. - Carpentersville, IL
Date & Time: Saturday 08/06/10 - 4: 30 pm
Atmosphere: Sports Bar
Price: $6. 25 

I will begin this review with a shout-out to a very generous lady named "Autumn" for being the first person to donate some cash for a Bloody Mary!  If you would like to do the same, please hit the DONATE button on the left hand side of the page about half-way down.  Thanks again Autumn!!

On with the review of the Randall Road House Bloody Mary.  I've been to this establishment a time or two in the past to catch a game (with plenty of flat-screens to watch your game all over the place), but never had the opportunity to try one of their Bloody Marys.  After getting a call from some kin to see if I wanted to meet up for a couple pre-drinks before they headed to a friend's wedding. (which is consistent to how most of my extended family rolls - even though they were heading to an open bar...it's never to early to get started) 

After battling the busy Randall Rd. traffic, I went into the bar to find that it had a pretty decent size crowd.  Seeing that my companions had started without me, I asked the waitress if the bartender made a good Bloody Mary.  After getting an enthusiastic yes, my mouth started watering in anticipation....

The Bloody Mary arrived after a little while, and from the looks of it, I knew I would be getting something worthy of being judged.  It had an inviting color, and garnish was over-flowing from the celery salted rim.  It came 2 olives, lemon & lime wedges, pickle, and celery stalk.  

At first taste, the Bloody Mary was pretty good, and throughout the rest of the journey it stayed that way.  It was a good solid cocktail, and I would be more then happy to order another one on another day.  The only thing keeping the rating from being four out of five is the price, but I imagine these things go on special from time to time - so maybe call ahead to see when that may be.

Satisfaction: YEP
              Rating: 3. 5 OLIVES (out of 5)

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