1508 S. Randall Rd. - Algonquin, IL
Date & Time: Friday 09/10/10
Price: $5. 00

I'm going to keep this one short & give the review about as much time & effort that apparently was given to the creation of this extremely disappointing cocktail. While my disappointment partially may due to the fact that a good friend of mine had highly recommended a Houlihan's Bloody Mary she recently had in Lake Geneva, as I'm sure you can tell by the picture of the one I got in Algonquin - the drink was pretty pathetic.

Coming with a single celery stick, the concoction had no heat, no spice, and was very "tomato-e" - in a word, it was just bad. I actually wrote WTF! on my review sheet, and underlined a bunch of other descriptive adjectives...none of which were positive....

The only saving grace to my visit was that the tuna appetizer I had was fantastic, and the cute blond server with the black glasses was very friendly. I've had many pleasant experiences at Houlihan's with no complaints, so I guess I'll just recommend that if you go - order the Bloody Mary at your own risk. What you'll get wholly depends on who's behind the bar making it.

 Look: WEAK
Satisfaction: NONE
Rating: 1/2 OLIVE (out of 5)

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