456 Reddington Dr. - S. Elgin, IL
Date & Time: Wednesday 09/15/10 - 12:45pm
Bartender: Katie
Price: $6. 00

I've been a little under the weather, so sorry it took so long to get this review up. Getting right into things, the next Bloody Mary on my quest to find Chicagoland's best was consumed at the newly opened restaurant & bar Amici's Clubhouse. While it doesn't take the top prize, the drink definitely was one I'd have again.

Made by a very friendly bartender named Katie, the cocktail came with 2 olives, pickle, lime wedge & celery stick. The drink had a nice taste, but could use a little more "kick" - I think adding a bit of horseradish would set things off nicely...

The place itself was quite comfortable. It had good music playing, a handful of flat-screens around the room, and even a small flat-screen above the urinal - which is a nice touch. About the only thing disappointing about the place was the ice-water - it was absolutely TERRIBLE - almost to the point of ruining the meal! If the owners of this place end up reading this, do yourself a favor & do something about this immediately. I don't know if this is just how tap water tastes in South Elgin or what, but you should either get some sort of filtration system, or just switch to bottled water - seriously, it was that bad!

That said, the cocktail was good, lunch was as well, and the place even has a little patio out front to enjoy your meal when the weather is good - which I'll have to check out next summer & see if anything has been done about that water! ;)

 Look: NICE
Satisfaction: SOLID
Rating: 3.0 (out of 5)

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